Care for Others

Would you like to see a beautiful tapestry of God Working in several people at the same time?

Even in the midst of our own troubles and hard times if we focus on encouraging and caring for others, we automatically think less of ourselves and our own worries. This doesn’t minimize our own troubles but rather exalts our Need for God, which is important for both parties. 

Empathizer ~ Someone who is willing to share their own similar past experiences with those who might be going through a difficult situation that will appreciate receiving encouragement from someone who has already been there.

Motivator ~ Someone who is willing to take the necessary time to invest in others even though it might take a little longer to get past a difficult season of life, since it’s pretty obvious that no one never knows what a day brings.

Fighter ~ Someone who is willing to encourage others while at the same time, also be willing to encourage another person who could be in a similar situation.

Supporter ~ Someone who is willing to encourage others that is dependable, strong and loyal – so that others can lean on them during times when other lives are falling apart.

Initiator ~ Someone who is willing to be the one who goes the extra mile for those who need to be encouraged, even though at times it seems like there is only one reaching out.

Well-Wisher ~ Someone who is willing to celebrate with others during times of joy, as well as extend a heart of care when others are down.

Risk-Taker ~ Someone who is willing to go against the odds for another person, to make sure that person has what they need to thrive in life.

Exhorter ~ Someone who is willing to encourage others with tenderness to lift them up during hard times and is also willing to show tough love in moments when they need to hear the hard truth about their life.