Types of Encouragers

Listed below are several different types of encouragers. Take a look and think about which one best describes who YOU have been fitted for to encourage others in your circle and who might fit the type of encourager YOU NEED in your own life.

Encouraging others while empathizing is both important and valuable. Whether by experience, willingness or both – this person can make the difference for how another person goes through life’s trials and hard times. Often this type of encourager, radiates from the Shine of spending time with JESUS. One example of this kind of Encourager is found in the New Testament, as the Apostle Peter, encourages those who are struggling because of persecution for their faith in Christ.
1 Peter 1:6-7



Encouraging others while motivating them to keep moving forward is quite a commitment. At times this can be a thankless job here on earth but the rewards which wait in Heaven are rich. Often this type of Encourager, is a mature believer who loves to disciple and lay the groundwork for how the one they are encouraging, will someday encourage others. One example of this kind of Encourager is found in the letters of Apostle Paul. Having been motivated himself, by Barnabas –Paul carries on the encouragement he was given as he preaches to many new believers the importance of comforting others as Christ has comforted us. 2 Corinthians 1:3-5



Encouraging others while they are fighting their own discouragement is not an easy task. However, with this type of Encourager, it’s obvious to see God work in an amazing way while HE encourages both the one giving the encouragement and the one receiving it. The testimony of these two leave behind a Legacy in Christ, which glorifies Him! One example of this kind of Encourager is found in the Book of Ruth. Naomi is experiencing grief from the deaths of her husband and two sons. It’s incredibly apparent to see the “Fighter” in this faithful woman of God as she cares for her daughter in law, Ruth, as if she were her own daughter. Even to the point of matchmaking to encourage Ruth, so that she can marry again. Ruth 3:1


Encouraging others is still possible, even though everything you have ever known about your own culture, comfort and the way in which you believe is unfamiliar to you. Yet you are not alone and to help another is to also encourage yourself. This type of Encourager is also found in the Book of Ruth. Ruth, who was from Moab makes the decision to continue caring for her mother in law – although she has been set free to go back to her country. Ruth, shows noble character, as she promises to never leave her mother in law’s side. More importantly she vows to embrace the One True God and forsake all other gods. She faithfully begins walking a new path of life identifying herself as one of God’s people! This type of encourager may not appear to have much to offer but what she offers is all she has, to care for another. Ruth 1:16,2:11-12



Encouraging others sometimes takes determination, courage and great faith. You might find yourself in a one-way communication process unsure if anyone else will join you. Still you do what must be done to encourage and care for others even if they complain and seem ungrateful. This type of Encourager is found in the Book of Exodus. Moses did not anticipate his leadership being one that was to care for a crowd which only God could handle. Yet, He faithfully delivered the messages to them and humbly displayed to Pharaoh that God was the One and only who would deliver His people from bondage. Moses cared for this wooly crowd through the thick wilderness all the way to the thin ice they found themselves in with God, because of their disobedience. He encouraged them with God’s Law, and mandated what must be done to draw near to a Holy God in a continual time of worship. This type of encourager may not receive a “thank-you” but He knows that with God by his side, he realizes that everyone is held by the Steadfast Love of the LORD. Exodus 15:13

Well Wisher

Encouraging others sometimes requires us to step away from our lofty positions and just wish everyone well. This type of Encourager is found in several places in the Book of Psalms. The man after God’s own heart, David, has noted the work of God in his life as a small boy, as a fugitive, and as a king. Yet David, is not perfect because he would be the first to tell you that the heart is deceitful and wicked, and he would be speaking from experience.  Which is why, David is a wonderful Encourager. He knows firsthand what it takes to serve God with a whole heart because he experienced times when he sinfully withheld himself with half of a heart. He is also the one God chose to encourage us with many songs or (psalms) helping us to see that God is OUR Encourager and wants to live in our hearts! This type of Encourager is never too busy or in too high of a position to be a Well-Wisher. Psalm 37:4


Risk Taker

Encouraging others sometimes can require us to take everything to God in prayer and follow His lead for the welfare of others and our own spiritual well-being.  This type of Encourager is found in the Book of Esther.  Esther is a young woman who is hand-picked by the Persian king Artaxerxes. Although, this king favors Esther she can’t approach him unannounced. However, she can’t deny that Hamann is bullying and planning a complete annihilation of her people the Jews. Esther, whose former name was Hadassah is also a Jew but this fact is not yet known. So, she must decide on whether she keeps her identity a secret at the detriment of her own people… Or she can save her people, but possibly end up giving up her own life to interrupt the king. This type of Encourager may reach out to those abused, victimized, bullied or trapped. Extending encouragement to someone in these situations will need to weigh the risks out with prayer and God’s Timing for such a time as this. Esther 4:14-16


Encouraging others and caring for them sometimes must be done in a very delicate way. While most relate to the word “Encourager/ Encouragement” to be something uplifting and feel good, the actual word takes on a secondary meaning. It also can refer to “warning/ cautioning” others. This type of Encourager is found in the Book of Acts. Barnabas a man whose name means Son of Encouragement, seems to be a gentle soul. Yet, to weaken his personality with the ability of being “soft” would do this man an injustice. Barnabas is responsible for Encouraging the much feared “Saul of Tarsus” after he became a Believer in Christ. Barnabas encouraged and cared for Saul introducing him to the disciples which was not an easy feat by any means. However, he did so by “Exhorting” his brothers in Christ, to give Saul a fair shake and accept him.  Later, of course Saul becomes Paul and together this dynamic duo goes city to city preaching the Gospel and encouraging as well as Exhorting with care the importance of accepting Christ! This type of Encourager may find at times that to reach out and care for others puts you in uncomfortable places. One because those you are caring for are not the popular ones or the invited ones at the dinner table, and two because those you are caring for may not want to give up their sinful life and embrace the holy life God wants for them. Acts 11:19-26