The Trusting Time

The Trusting Time – A Collection of Christian Poetry – This book is for anyone! It offers 175+ poems with 12 chapters to encourage others through many stages of life. Perfect for any special occasion or no occasion at all!

8 1/2 x 11 inches
251 pages
170+ poems

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Special features

• First book written by Jodie Mitchell – published in 2011

• This book is perfect for any occasion or no occasion at all

• Total of approximately 175 poems

• Many encouraging scriptures/references throughout

• Beautiful photographs that capture the heart of each chapter

• Artistic illustrations that capture the essence of life

• All 12 chapters have a different theme and time of life

• Includes a few interesting facts about the author, Jodie Mitchell, and the poetry

Chapter 1 Autograph of Love

Chapter 2 The Heart Mender

Chapter 3 Expressions

Chapter 4 The Power of Prayer

Chapter 5 View From the Top

Chapter 6 The Trusting Time

Chapter 7 Take Another Look America

Chapter 8 More Than Stories

Chapter 9 Simple Poems

Chapter 10 Just A Kid

Chapter 11 The Gift of Christmas

Chapter 12 Have You Seen Jesus?