The Trusting Time
Legacy is for anyone who has the desire to learn more about how their lives can affect the ones they leave behind. In a very creative and whimsical way the reader will embark on an interactive voyage at sea, through poetry, devotionals, and personal stories.

8 1/2 x 11 inches
334 pages
16 poems

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Special features

• Fourth book written by Jodie Mitchell – published in 2014

• This book is for anyone who loves the ocean, likes to read and needs an escape

• Total of 16 poems

• 16 Chapters about Various Life Situations

• A 16-day itinerary of encouraging scriptures, devotionals, prayers and encouragement

• Beautiful photographs that capture the heart of each section

• Nautical illustrations that help reader experience more

• Morning, Afternoon and Evening sections to encourage you

• A section that offers the opportunity to journal with questions to ponder

• Many special extras to help you enjoy your voyage at sea

• Personal recorded interviews with friends and family concerning God, life and more

• Back stories with more detail concerning each chapter

• A few interesting facts about the author, Jodie Mitchell, and the poetry

Day One Genesis of the Sea
Day Two Impressions by the Shore
Day Three Conversions on the Pier
Welcome Aboard
Day Four Sailing the Seas of Life
Day Five Sailing the Seas of Destiny
Day Six Sailing the Seas of Certainty
Day Seven Sailing the Seas of Vulnerability
Day Eight Sailing the Seas of Extraordinary
Day Nine Sailing the Seas of Tranquility
Day Ten Sailing the Seas of Calamity
Day Eleven Sailing the Seas of Anxiety
Day Twelve Sailing the Seas of Ministry
Day Thirteen Sailing the Seas of Mortality
Day Fourteen Sailing the Seas of Eulogy
Day Fifteen Sailing the Seas of Melody
Day Sixteen Sailing the Seas of Immortality