The Trusting Time

In The Suffering – This book is for anyone who has suffered great hardships through sickness and grief. This book will touch the hearts of those who need Comfort and Hope, while it reminds them of a Saviors Love. This book is the best compliment to give someone when there are no words to offer.

6 x 9 inches
148 pages
67 poems

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Special features

• Second book written by Jodie Mitchell – published in 2012

• This book is for anyone going through difficult struggles, illness or grief. It also makes the Perfect gift from the heart, when there are no words

• Total of 67 poems

• Many encouraging scriptures throughout

• A personal prayer & word of encouragement at the end of each section

• Beautiful photographs that capture the heart of each section

• Elegant illustrations that capture the essence of comfort

• Four sections that parallel our suffering with that of the suffering Savior

• A section that offers the opportunity to journal with questions to ponder

• A number of blank pages that have been designated for family and friends to write encouragement

• A few interesting facts about the author, Jodie Mitchell, and the poetry

Section One – Drowning Faith
Section Two – Disguised Blessing
Section Three – Dark Hours
Section Four – Divine Hope