Our Escapes are just what you need to find your Calm in JESUS!

What is an Escape?

Definition of an Escape:

escape • “escape from” something; to slip away, get away from capture, confinement or restraint.
escape • to “escape to” something; to breakout, be set free, be rescued or be delivered.

Our Escapes help you enter an experience of worship on the highest-level as it ushers you into the Presence and Throne Room of GOD. They are interactive and similar to worship stations which have been created to engage you through various moving parts – while you experience them on this website or from your own home.

Our escapes continue the Calm in Jesus, with just the right amount of personal TLC from Jodie, “The Escape Artist”.

What is an Escape Artist?

The best definition of an Escape Artist is: someone who has learned or is learning to master the “Art of Escape”, by escaping “from” real danger while learning, or having learned the art of escaping “to” a place of safety.

Simply put, because we live in a troubled word, the probability of encountering troubles in our own life is high. So, regardless of whether you have been experiencing a hard life, a hectic month, a bad day, or just needing a bit of encouragement to share with others…  We are here for you and our Escape Artist Coach, Jodie, has what it takes to help redirect you away from your troubles and traps in life, so you can find your Calm in JESUS.  

For your convenience, there is an “Escape Hatch” button at top right corner in the menu bar. You can connect with her at any time.  Just leave your information, and she will get back with you promptly.

One more thing...

If you like what you see here, please tell your family and friends because these Basic Escapes are completely FREE to enjoy as often as you like!

Also, we encourage you to watch the videos from your tablet, laptop, or desktop, so you will get the full effect. Regardless, we are sure you will love these Escapes, as you let go of all your worries. So, go grab your favorite beverage and snack, and enjoy!

bubble ocean on white stone

Life's Traps

Break through and break free!

ice on body of water during daytime


Can your life use a little Calm…?
person holding red rose flowers

Confessions (Blog)

Learn more about Jodie, The Escape Artist!


Note: The content of this Escape changes periodically