Escape Life’s Traps

Thank you for trying this Escape. We are here for you.

Like we have already mentioned an escape should either take you away “from” something or bring you “to” something.

escape • “escape from” something; to slip away, get away from capture, confinement or restraint.

Please take a few minutes to read through the list below and consider where you might be struggling in your life now.

Abandonment Hate Anger  Loneliness Depression Grief Brokenness Pain Struggles Doubt Peril Abuse Despair Procrastination Rejection Temptation Fearing the unknown  Illness Unkindness Apathy Ungodliness Hopelessness

We realize that this is quite an intense list, but you are probably wanting to find a way of escape from these kind of struggles to something better, right?

Even though our Escape Artist, Jodie, is still learning how to do this on a daily basis, it’s struggles like these which help her to help you Escape “from” your own struggles “to” a (place of safety) – Calm in JESUS.