The Trusting Time

Empty Me Up is for anyone who is looking to ignite their worship for God. In a colorful and creative way, the reader is invited to enjoy special quiet times with the Lord through poetry, scripture, pages to color, and much more.

8 1/2 x 11 inches
172 pages
36 poems

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Special features

• Fifth book written by Jodie Mitchell – published in 2016

• This book is for anyone who would like to de-stress while adding color to their Worship

• Total of 36 poems

• 12 Chapters that capture our Journey through Life and Worship

• A color as you Worship time filled with poems, journaling, scriptures, and encouragement

• Beautiful photographs that capture the heart of each section

• Art and illustrations to enhance time of coloring

• 4 different older poems to complement worship to encourage you

• Four sections which offer the opportunity to journal with questions to ponder

• Each chapter is named after a color and there are twelve colors total.

• A few interesting facts about the author, Jodie Mitchell, and the poetry

Section One Shades of Redemption
    Chapter One BLACK / Sin / Confession
    Chapter Two RED / Love / Grace
    Chapter Three WHITE / Salvation / Regeneration
Section Two Shades of Transformation
    Chapter Four GREEN / Grow / Faith
    Chapter Five PINK / Prayer / Praise
    Chapter Six BLUE / Forgive / Peace
Section Three Shades of Preparation
    Chapter Seven SILVER / Truth / Wisdom
    Chapter Eight PURPLE / Courage / Royalty
    Chapter Nine YELLOW / Strength / Joy
Section Four Shades of Celebration
    Chapter Ten BROWN / Purpose / Hope
    Chapter Eleven ORANGE / Blessings / Thanksgiving
    Chapter Twelve GOLD / Rapture / Eternity