Confessions of an Escape Artist (Blog)

Have you ever wondered what is in the heart of a True Escape Artist? Join me by following this blog and I will try to give you a sneak peek inside on how God has helped me become the “Escape Artist” I am today.  It’s been quite the journey rediscovering who I am in Christ, and even more so, who I can be! Perhaps this blog will inspire you, as well, because God wants YOU to know, YOU can be an Escape Artist too!

The Great Escape

by Jodie |  June 2020

One definition of an “Escape Artist” is an expert in getting out of confined places and devices.

Imagine a stage that is set with an ominous mood, as the audience is focused on center stage…

Suddenly the music starts to play intensely as a spotlight shines on someone who is allowing their self to be chained up and locked, only to be placed in a clear case. Now, if this isn’t bad enough it becomes apparent that the clear case is raised high off the ground and  water begins to fill it, quickly!  Adding to the drama, now someone else has taken a torch and lit fire to the platform directly underneath the clear case being lowered down. A timer has been set that will drop the bottom out and it is obvious that the person inside the clear case has to find a way of out before they drown, burn up or perish altogether. The audience holds their breath as they watch each lock being unlocked, but wonders if the Escape Artist will make it…

Finally, time runs out and the clear case which is completely filled with water, falls, as the flames consume it below. The audience gasps in horror. Yet suddenly, once again a spotlight shines over by one of the exits to see the Escape Artist, is unharmed – standing before them. The audience applauds but is left wondering… How did the Escape Artist pull this off?

Perhaps you are telling yourself, nice story, but what does an Escape Artist have to do with this ministry, or yourself?  I’m glad you asked!

We at April Sky Ministries believe that if we are going to help people Escape the troubles of this world, to Embrace New Breakthroughs which lead to Calm, then we need to take a closer look at the Ultimate Escape Artist… JESUS! We found the Truth of God’s Word is clear, and if you want to see God do amazing things in YOUR life, you first need to start with the Amazing Grace He offers through Salvation.

I’m sure you are aware that when an Escape Artist on stage escapes certain peril and death, that the goal is for him to look as if he or she, has done so all on their own. Yet, I don’t have to tell you that there has been countless of other people involved, leading up to this performance.  In all honesty, the Escape Artist, did nothing on their own – except be the willing party to follow the plan.

Even better for us, when JESUS went to the cross and died, He did so to set US free from SIN, and eternal damnation of living a life without Him. Yet, more exciting than a reveal on stage and at an exit in a building, is the Love of a Suffering and Dying Savior on a cross, who was buried for three days, to LIVE again and exit a tomb! This wasn’t just a performance, this was miracle. It wasn’t just for an audience in a show, it was for the whole world!  And It doesn’t stop there!

You See, the Bible tells us that Jesus is the radiance of the glory of God and the exact imprint of his nature, and he upholds the universe by the word of His power. After making purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high. (Hebrews 1:3)

From the very beginning of time, it’s always been about God’s Plan and Holy Strategy to Redeem “mankind” and reconcile us back to Himself. So when God became flesh and came to this earth as a babe in a manger, he came so that those who were lost would be found, and that they would receive eternal life through Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. This my dear one, is  why it is without question that Jesus, IS The Ultimate Escape Artist!

Question is… is He YOUR Escape Artist?  Let’s be real, this life is hard. This year has been hard.  Don’t you want someone who can guide you, comfort you and take you through it, so you are not alone?  Jesus wants to be your Savior, by helping you first Escape the eternity of Hell, because of SIN. This is what separates us from God and just like the Escape Artist on stage can’t escape all on their own, neither can YOU.  Only Jesus. Does this sound like YOU?

However, maybe you know Jesus as your Savior, but the hardship of this world seems more demanding that you perform in such a way that you feel you can’t escape.  The good news of the Gospel is for you now, as much as it was when you first received Jesus.  Listen, the things that render you powerless, and sap your strength in this life – have already been defeated by Jesus’ death on the cross!  So, you must stay on course and finish the race.

Either way, whether we are needing to escape the flames of Hell or just the fires of Hell on earth, Jesus is our ONLY Hope! The message from the tomb is Hope!  This Hope is just as “Hopeful” as when we have known Jesus for many years as it is when we meet Him for the first time.  There is No Expiration on Hope or any of the other things that comes with being an Heir of Christ! So this, my friend, is why we all have the potential to be the Escape Artist that God intended us to be – which is why others in the “audience” don’t have to keep wondering.

Escaping to HIM,
~ Jodie