When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul. Psalm 94:19

Our lives reflect joy, sorrow and pain… As we fly with adventure or walk in the rain… Storms can beat us, discourage our hearts within… but God’s Joy and Hope makes us dance again… Some moments make us happy as we celebrate with delight… Other moments can terrify us and force us to fight… This is life through trial and test … And the only thing which makes it best… is a Hope found in… JESUS!

~ Jodie Mitchell


Here are 4 ways you can start finding your Calm in Jesus immediately:

1) Read the Bible: When we read the Bible, we are calmed by God’s Word. A good place to start is to read the Book of Psalms.  The Psalmist had many ups and downs of life – and yet still found the center of Calm in God’s Love.

2) Pray for each other: Ask others to pray for you and ask them if you can pray with and over them to encourage them. Also, suggest they make a list of ALL those who are praying for them too. It also helps when we pray for those in worse off situations than ourselves, because it occupies our minds and also builds our faith.

3) Ask Others to Pray for you: When you are the one who needs prayer, don’t be shy about asking others to pray for you, with you or over you – and don’t forget to start a list of those praying for you so that you can quickly glance at it during the times you need reassurance.

These simple acts of prayer for one another will allow everyone to feel the prayers going up and the Presence of God surrounding everyone during even the lowest times. Such a Heavenly experience!

4) Worship in Song: Put on some tunes and sing songs. Listen softly to your favorite hymn. Play loudly your alternative Christian rock or just cry out boldly your favorite praise songs… Either way, various kinds of music can lighten the load that burdens our heart as it provides the words we want to say to the Lord.  Music frees the soul and connects us to God in ways that at times, is the only thing that can reach us.  Perhaps this is why the evil King Saul found solitude when David played the harp.  Hearing the songs that sing of the love of our Savior or tapping our feet and keeping perfect rhythm in the hopeless times – can keep us strong in God’s Strength – and allow His Holy harmonies of Peace to lull us to sleep – as He watches over us even in the darkest night of our life.

Finally, we have provided the video (below) for you to enjoy this beautiful worship song by CityAlight and let JESUS be your Calm!