Simply Calm 

Our lives reflect joy, sorrow and pain… As we fly with adventure or walk in the rain… Storms can beat us, discourage our hearts within… but God's Joy and Hope makes us dance again… Some moments make us happy as we celebrate with delight… Other moments can terrify us and force us to fight… This is life through trial and test … And the only thing which makes it best… is God's Son… JESUS! ~ Jodie Mitchell

Simply Calm

Since this unprecedented time of Covid-19, one word that keeps coming up is adapt. All of us have been adapting the best we can while taking steps for a new normal of life. We at April Sky Ministries have been doing the same and we too are adapting by finding new ways to help those who are filled with questions about life, God and other things.

Getting encouragement to you and those you know is of the utmost importance to us. So, during this time of Covid-19 Crisis, we are offering a few special complimentary services that we know will calm your heart and help you connect with God. Learn more about us and our mission statement, visit About April Sky.

The following "Escapes" are currently being offered free of charge, but you must sign up, as there are limited slots available.

Tranquil Escapes ~ These are escapes that are very personal through texts, video links, and more, which you can receive by phone. We believe these weekly escapes will bring a calm to all this temporary chaos and redirect you back towards the eternal things of God. To sign up for this complementary service, contact us. Be sure to include your name and cell number.

Chat Escapes ~ These are escapes that allow us to personally encourage you by listening, praying and encouraging you through friendly chats over the phone. We happen to believe a heart to heart talk can bring you the calm that is needed if you feel overwhelmed, fearful or filled with anxiety. To sign up for this complementary service, contact us. Be sure to include your name and cell number.

Poetry Escapes ~ We happen to believe another way for you to escape all the mayhem around you is by ordering one of Jodie Mitchell's books available on Amazon. Also, if you would like to bless this ministry and help our business – this is a great way to do so, while finding your calm in Jesus at the same time.

Virtual Escapes ~ We are excited to bring you escapes virtually, in order to help you connect and find your calm from the privacy of your own home. To sign up for this complementary service, contact us. Be sure to include your name and cell number.

Until then, here is a bit of encouragement to help you find your Calm in Jesus today:
1) Read the Bible: When we read in the beautiful Book of Psalms, we will find God calms us, by His Word.
2) Pray for others: Ask others how you can pray for them and ask them to pray for you. When we start praying for those in worse off situations than ourselves, it occupies our minds and builds our faith.
3) Wait on the Lord: This is by no means easy but when we believe and trust that God's Timing is perfect, we realize that Jesus is in the same waiting room with us during the moments we need Him most, and we are not alone.

When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheer my soul. Psalm 94:19

Encouraging you!
April Sky Ministries Team


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