Any discussion, advice, directions or recommendations in part, written or verbal is offered by the ASM encourager, is always optional and left to the discretion of each individual on how or if they should proceed. Furthermore, the ASM encourager may need to share or discuss specific information among the April Sky Ministries (ASM) team. However, this is to ensure those needing encouragement are able to receive it to the fullest!

All information will be used for mentoring and training purposes only and will not be passed on for advertising or marketing uses.

At this time our ministry encouragers DO NOT have a degree or certification in professional counseling or medical field but are experienced in encouraging, listening, and discerning what can help your walk with Jesus. This type of Godly Counsel is often beneficial so others may reach their spiritual potential.

The services of April Sky Ministries are complimentary to anyone needing encouragement. Our purpose of this encouragement is to offer insight based on God’s Word and to equip others by providing God’s Love, Peace and Hope for their journey.

All ministries of April Sky are independent from any church or organization.

Jodie Mitchell
April Sky Ministries Coordinator

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All rights reserved.